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We have fun.
We love life.
We get results. 

Working at Hot Corner Digital

We take pride in doing exceptional work for our partners at affordable prices, always treating our client’s businesses like our own, and making sure we stop to smell the roses.

It’s a requirement that our team enjoys themselves as much as possible at work while also prioritizing spending time with friends, family and doing what they love. We firmly believe that a happy and fulfilled team yields the best results for everyone.

Hot Corner Is Looking To Hire A…

Digital Marketing Account Manager

***To Apply: Please send your resume and a cover letter to hello@hotcornerdigital.com***
Hot Corner Digital is seeking a Digital Marketing Account Manager to join our growing team. This is a hybrid in-person / remote position, with the candidate ideally living in Richmond, VA or Charleston, SC.

Who We Are
Hot Corner Digital is a two-person digital marketing agency specializing in Paid Digital Advertising. We help businesses generate high-quality sales leads and acquire new customers via paid online advertising. We have offices in Richmond, VA and Charleston, SC.

Our company motto is, “We take our work seriously, not ourselves.” Our clients entrust us with their marketing budgets, and we feel the weight of that responsibility on a daily basis. We believe we owe it to our clients to deliver consistently exceptional work. We also believe it’s okay to have some fun while you work — life’s too short to spend 5 days a week doing something you hate. We laugh at ourselves, we laugh at each other, and we do our best to make every day one that we enjoy.

Who You Are Working for a small team is incredibly fun and rewarding, but it’s not for everyone. This job might be a good fit for you, if you:
    – Are naturally curious, particularly about the digital marketing world
    – Have a brain that is equal parts creative and analytical
    – Aren’t scared of numbers
    – Get genuine enjoyment out of solving problems
    – Like working on a wide variety of tasks, rather than doing the same thing every day
    – Are an effective written and verbal communicator
    – Are fluent in common sense
    – Come to work with a positive attitude every day
    – Have passions outside of work
    – Don’t mind laughing at yourself
    – Aren’t a jerk (but really, it’s very important to us that you’re not a jerk)

It would be *even better* if you:
    – Are already certified in Google Ads & Google Analytics
    – Have experience running ads on Facebook & Instagram
    – Have used Google Tag Manager in the past
    – Have basic graphic design skills
    – Know your way around WordPress

What You’ll Do
We’re a small team, so your duties are likely to change frequently. Our new hire will have the opportunity to grow and develop in whatever part of the business they’re most drawn to (sales, management, etc.). However, over your first year, you’ll be expected to:
    – Manage a portfolio of client accounts, primarily using Google Ads
    – Optimize account performance to meet or exceed client goals
    – Analyze & interpret data to inform account strategy
    – Monitor and optimize client budgets
    – Coordinate new client onboarding
    – Provide clear, timely, substantive communication to clients
    – Translate client results into meaningful business insights
    – Perform keyword research for new & existing accounts
    – Assist with writing ad copy for new & existing accounts
    – Review Search Terms Reports to identify new keyword opportunities
    – Monitor & qualify inbound client phone calls
    – Set up & monitor client goals using Google Analytics
    – Find creative solutions to client problems
    – Build & design landing pages for client campaigns
… And a lot more.

Salary & Benefits
    – Full-Time, Salaried Position with Bonus Potential
    – Competitive Healthcare Plan
    – Unlimited PTO (Mandatory 2 weeks)
    – Signing Bonus
    – Profit Sharing 401K Plan
    – Mandatory Mental Recharge Days (separate from PTO)
    – Flexible Hours
    – Salary Commensurate with Experience

***To Apply: Please send your resume and a cover letter to hello@hotcornerdigital.com***